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Master Fitness Trainer Charles Middleton, Jr.

Middleton's Kung Fu and Fitness Center would like to thank you for visiting this website and your interest in our physical readiness training programs. We have had the pleasure of helping over 3,000 patrons achieve their personal goals in physical fitness, now they live happier and healthier lives.

At our facility, your gains and losses are made from your dedication of hard work. 65% of our patrons come from well-known fitness centers, looking for that answer that the boredom of complacency has hidden from them at those other locations.

2016 celebrates our 21st year offering physical fitness to the Richmond Virginia area.  If you haven't heard of us, just ask your friends. We are the best kept secret in town.

Thank you for visiting Middleton's Kung Fu and Fitness Center where you "Go Hard or Go Home"

Charles Middleton
Owner/Master Fitness Trainer