Policies and Procedures

A. Payments

  • Each participant is responsible for occupying the purchased slot.  No monies will be moved to cover upcoming slots due to the individual failure to attend.   No monies will be refunded for unattended slots.
  • All slots should be obtained 2 days prior to the beginning of the session, including weekends.  All payments are due in full.
  • No slots will be held without payment.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to make payments on-line through PayPal.

Note: Senior citizens (60 years or older) must make all payments at location in order to receive the 10% discount on the listed programs.

B. Health

  • If an individual has knee, ankle, foot, shoulder, hip, wrist, back or any other injuries that will prohibit them from performing the basic exercises, they will not be able to attend any program other than Personal Training.  (Side Straddle Hops, Squats, Lunges, Push Ups, Sit-ups, Running, etc.)
  • All waiver forms must be completed before any physical participation.
  • Individuals with high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes or any chronic illness (internal/external ailments) must have a doctor’s release to enroll in any of the physical fitness programs.

C. Program

  • Extreme Boot Camp (X-BC): The US Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) Chart will be used to gauge the performance of this program.
  • Weigh-in is mandatory once a month (Monday and Wednesday). Weight and body measurements will be tracked. The goal is to have your weight and body composition register in the "FIT" category of the Body Composition Tracking Program.
  • Trial Classes: Trial for all classes will only be held on Mondays and Wednesdays of the last week of the monthly session. Any person who has been an enrollee/client/customer of any of our fitness programs at this location in the past 6 months will not be allowed to take advantage of any trial classes unless it is a step up program (Extreme Boot Camp or Combatant Training Programs)
  • Personal Training: Personal Training Participants will weigh-in every week. Weight and body measurements will be tracked. The goal is to have your weight and body composition register in the "FIT" category of the Body Composition Tracking Program. A diet plan will be included with this program.
  • Physical Readiness Trainers (PRTs) may be rotated from one program to another to cover the MFT (Master Fitness Trainer) needs. The MFT reserve the right to use PRTs as primary instructors.
  • Disrupting classes that impedes on class participation, reluctance to workout, damaging comments and conversations will not be tolerated, condescending remarks about the class or instructors while on premises, directing enrollees not to train because of your dissatisfaction, marketing a competitor of Middleton's Kung Fu & Fitness Center while on premises are grounds that the owner of Middleton's Kung Fu and Fitness reserves to terminate your participation in any class with no refund.
  • Each program has its own enrollment; individuals cannot exchange one program for another during the session, nor can individuals participate in more than one program with only one enrollment fee. (Example: AM Boot Camp Program participant cannot attend PM Boot Camp Program unless a slot is purchased for that program)

Workout Ethics and Behavior

  • Please arrive 5 minutes before class time to allow time to stretch
  • Please bring all required equipment to class.
  • No loaner equipment available
  • No talking or disruptive behavior during workout
  • No leaning or resting against the walls.
  • We will not be responsible for any belongings/items left at our facility.